The 5G skills gap: What does the government need?
Everyday developments in technology make it possible to explore new avenues of thought, make new discoveries and investigate concepts that would have seemed incomprehensible beforehand. The introduction of 5G is no different....
NetApp’s Official Acquisition of Spot
Spot by NetApp is set to drive real-time cloud resource optimization
Reinforcement learning: the next big AI trend?
Deep learning has been the star of the AI show for a while, but there are several up-and-coming areas that deserve the spotlight. One of these is reinforcement learning. Industry leaders like OpenAI and Google’s DeepMind have made major breakthroughs in this area already.
Stop using Cmd, begs Microsoft
One of Microsoft’s senior program managers, Rich Turner, has been sighted on Twitter practically begging users to stop using Cmd and switch over to PowerShell. Why? Because Cmd is a fossilised relic from the era of MS-DOS, for a start!
New Apache CloudStack does it 200x better
The newest edition of cloud orchestration platform CloudStack has just been announced by the Apache Software Foundation.
Developers play kiss, marry, kill with programming languages
Which programming languages, frameworks and tools do developers really love – or really hate? Coding Q&A site Stack Overflow has the answers in its 2020 survey of almost 65,000 developers.
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