Smart homes: can Z-Wave take on the giants?
When Amazon, Google, Apple, and Zigbee announced their new collaboration on a common smart home standard, one major player was left out: Z-Wave, a system specialising in low-power smart devices such as lightbulbs and locks.
Nintendo leak: think you can clone it? Think again
In case you haven’t heard, earlier this year Nintendo suffered a spectacular leak, with intellectual properties all the way back to prototype Game Boy software surfacing on the Internet, along with Verilog files for systems as recent as the Wii, GameCube and Nintendo 64.
AI and machine learning: can education get with the program?
AI is built on big data – the bigger and more accurate the dataset, the better the AI application works.
3 lessons COVID-19 has taught us about Big Data and analytics
Big data and computer models are the future; but just how far can we trust them? The coronavirus pandemic has taught us some useful lessons on this front. Because COVID-19 is so different from previous pandemics, understanding the data has been far from simple....
7 ways the new VxWorks will surprise you
If you haven’t seen the new version of VxWorks yet – do yourself a favour and check it out. Wind River just made the world’s top real-time operating system (RTOS) even better....
The DevOps race: faster horses won't save you
It’s no secret that the software industry has changed dramatically in the past few decades. Development processes that used to take over a year are now completed in matters of weeks, with minor updates sometimes taking only days....
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