Automated code generation: we've been doing it wrong
Automated code generation has a horrible reputation. But whose fault is that?
'Suspicious superhumans' attack cloud services
Corporate cloud services have never been so popular – or so vulnerable.
How OKRs can fix engagement in employees
Andy Grove (Intel) has pioneered the OKR management structure, which was developed to increase employee engagement through helping them to relate to company vision. Many companies, such as GoPro, Adobe and LinkedIn are known for using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).
How to excite your employees about company vision
Although numerous businesses offer fantastic company perks and compensation packages, they still struggle to hold onto many of their employees for longer than their first year.
Why is C still the preferred language of the many?
Programming has changed a great deal since the 1960s, but you might not believe that if you had time travelled from then to the modern-day....
How is the Tech Improving for Autonomous Vehicles?
2020 is the year of taking autonomous tech to the next level - so what’s next for autonomous vehicles? How is the tech really improving? And what are the big names in the autonomous sector looking to for the future? Let’s go through a couple of the biggest and best to know details over the improveme...
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