Computer Vision & Image Classification
Computer vision is a technology that is growing increasingly important as time goes on. Many modern surveillance and security systems are already using some form of computer vision....
What is next with Wireless tech?
Wireless technology is evolving at a rate that may seem uncontrollable to some....
Brexit's impact on the 5G talent pool for the UK
A majority of 52% of people in the United Kingdom voted in 2016 that the country would leave the European Union, a decision that has since come to fruition in January of 2020....
Autonomous Vehicles - What's Trending
The world of autonomous technology is advancing rapidly. Since the mid 1990s, we’ve been looking into turning the world on the road into one of control and optimization, and it seems that we’ve finally hit the jackpot in terms of innovation....
An intro to Computer vision
Computer vision is a technology that is currently one of the most relevant field of studies in computer science....
What's New in Deep Learning for 2020?
Deep learning. With the advent of the digital age, and the ever present need for data processing on a global scale, it’s a machine learning system that’s helped us more than any of its predecessors.
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