The Future of C++
C++ is a programming language that’s general purpose in nature, and can be used as a hybrid language in many different applications. It’s an incredibly popular programming language, and may just be one of the most accessible and easiest to learn....
Embedded Software C++ Trends
Embedded software is all around us. It’s a way to write and run specific programs for specific pieces of machinery that exist all on the same network....
What is hot in 5G?
5G is the next generation for mobile networks. It’s faster than any network that came before it, can handle a lot more, is a lot more comprehensive in its coverage, and could very well present many more remote and flexible working opportunities for the modern business person.
Machine learning: 2020 what's coming?
Machine learning has grabbed attention across sectors and driven massive change. Now businesses in every industry want to adopt this new technology.
Game Changers for 2020 in Embedded Software
There are some game changers for Embedded Software in the 2020's and here our founder Sam gives his views on where to look.
The Internet of Things needs to crush obstacles in 2020
2020 is a year of huge possibility for the Internet of Things (IoT), with 20.4 billion IoT devices expected to be in existence. And no doubt the flood of new consumer-focused devices will continue, with new way to use data and improve daily life.
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