New Apache CloudStack does it 200x better


The newest edition of cloud orchestration platform CloudStack has just been announced by the Apache Software Foundation.

The open-source band’s latest offering, CloudStack Version 4.13, features nearly 200 changes – including new features, fixes and enhancements created to make the task of tuning and administering your cloud easier.

A few things of particular note in this giant stack of changes include improved virtual-machine performance and hypervisor support, more support for users who are configuring virtualised appliances, and a live migration option for Data-Plane-Development-Kit-enabled instances.

In addition, the Apache Software Foundation says it’s put more emphasis on user-configurable controls in this go around. Vice president Paul Angus was quoted as saying version 4.13.0 was “heavily driven by the users” in the CloudStack community who had been using the platform at scale in production environments.

CloudStack has been in the possession of the Apache Software Foundation since 2012, when the owner of CloudStack’s corporate parent,, donated it. CloudStack was then accepted as an incubator project before qualifying as a top-level project in 2013. From that point, it developed quickly, and had its first stable release the very same year.

CloudStack’s users are a diverse bunch, extending across the open-source, high-tech and telco communities. The Apache Software Foundation claims that “thousands of large-scale” enterprises and public cloud providers are currently running the software.

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