Stop using Cmd, begs Microsoft


One of Microsoft’s senior program managers, Rich Turner, has been sighted on Twitter practically begging users to stop using Cmd and switch over to PowerShell. Why? Because Cmd is a fossilised relic from the era of MS-DOS, for a start!

Turner pointed out that Cmd is in maintenance mode – the only reason the old command line interpreter still exists is for the sake of backward compatibility. He even went so far as to say that it “should not be used for interactive shell work” because “PowerShell is the future”.

These strong statements didn’t come out of nowhere. Rather, they were a response to complaints from other Twitter users about the unnecessarily large number of command prompt options in Windows, especially given the lack of interoperability between them.

Turner tweeted:

I'll keep saying this until y'all stop using Cmd:

Cmd is in maintenance mode. It's job is to preserve back compat with ancient & immutable scripts. That's it. Period. It should not be used for interactive shell work.

PowerShell is the future.

After one David Kean tweeted back that ‘Its job also should be to keep immutable folks like myself happy. I don't want PowerShell, I just want Cmd+’, Turner returned to the fray to express his strong opinion that Cmd has had its day:

No. Cmd's LITERAL reason to exist was to run MS-DOS scripts and commands to aid people coming to NT from DOS/Win9x.

It shouldn't have lived so long.

So there we have it, straight from the top echelons of Microsoft: Cmd is a shambling dinosaur, and we should all be using PowerShell instead. Have you made the switch yet? Or will you be sticking with Cmd for the foreseeable, in spite of Turner’s statements?

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