NetApp’s Official Acquisition of Spot


Spot by NetApp is set to drive real-time cloud resource optimization

Having previously announced its intentions in early June, NetApp has finally acquired Spot – a computer platform which, using analytics and machine learning, enables customers to make the most of their cloud. By delivering application-driven infrastructures (ADIs) and cloud infrastructures, Spot helps to optimize both cloud costs and storage, with customers saving up to a grand total of 90 percent on their overall expenses!

You might be wondering how this is possible, but it all boils down to one simple concept – Spot by NetApp optimizes cloud resources so that users can monitor and analyse each application’s needs. Spot guarantees that these needs will be effectively satisfied, and in very little time at all.

Anthony Lye, Senior Vice President and General Manager of NetApp’s public cloud services business unit, claimed, ‘With Spot by NetApp, we will enable customers to get more out of their cloud investment; we will help them gain a competitive advantage and subsequently accelerate the success of their business.’

Perhaps this confidence lies in the fact that customers can more effectively make use of their excess cloud compute capacity, meaning that, as aforementioned, they can save on compute and storage costs. These costs account for 70% of overall cloud spend, but there are ways of saving on the other 30% too – customers are encouraged to use compression, data deduplication and tiering technology in order to reduce their costs further.

As well as this, Spot by NetApp is extremely adaptable – whether it’s a user’s capacity or performance that needs altering, Spot will optimize each user’s experience and ensure that they are shown the full value of their cloud’s reserved capacity.

Amiram Schachar, the CEO and co-founder of Spot, stated that their initial goal was to ‘revolutionise the way companies consume cloud infrastructure services’ – in other words, they hoped to help companies find and manage cheap cloud infrastructures. He adds, ‘With this new product we’re providing a more holistic platform that lets customers see all of their cloud spending in one place – all of their usage, all of their costs, what they are spending and doing across multiple clouds – and then what they can actually do to deploy resources more efficiently.’ Whilst it may seem like an unlikely pairing, Schachar appeared to welcome the deal with NetApp, claiming that they were ‘excited to join NetApp in pursuit of the shared vision to help application owners embrace and take advantage of the full power of the cloud.’

Having been founded in 2015, Spot has already made a profit of over 52 million dollars. However, whilst it is not yet known exactly how much NetApp paid in order to acquire Spot, Israeli publication CTECH’s sources hinted that the former may have paid a grand total of 450 million dollars back in June, making Spot a very successful start-up indeed.

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