Ops can’t dev fast enough to keep up with DevOps


Businesses love to talk about survival of the fittest--just as in nature, the fittest businesses are the ones that survive and grow. But what they often forget is that “fittest” doesn’t just mean biggest, most efficient, or most profitable. In nature, as in today’s post-pandemic economy, survival is about adaptation to conditions. It’s about doing enough of the right things.


This means it’s time for DevOps teams to step up--and for other areas of the business to support them. Outdated, convoluted approval processes and shoestring teams will not be able to keep up with the new rate of change.


Even in industries where security and compliance are essential concerns, developers are pushing for a faster pipeline that will allow for organisation-wide transformations during this critical time.


Platform-based DevOps systems are emerging as a major potential solution. Using platforms, developers and IT can work together at every stage of a project, sharing data, workflows, and other critical information. With every step of development transparent in one place, approval can be automated and streamlined, allowing quick release of new features. Managers can also track progress and team performance easily.


Another issue platforms handily address is the need to scale DevOps initiatives by connecting the various points of data and human input that need to go into a company-wide change. They allow autonomous, self-directed teams to check on one another and avoid miscommunication.


As companies go remote, fast updates are becoming more and more critical. Here again platforms can save the day, configuring data from automated testing and correcting problems earlier in the process. A platform can utilise machine learning to catch data setting misconfigurations--meaning more consistency for users as new updates hit the stage.


Businesses are embracing new approaches and technologies, which is a great silver lining to the challenges that have come with COVID-19. But without efficient procedures for deploying and scaling new software, DevOps teams are getting bogged down. Platform-based DevOps can solve this problem and more, orienting disparate aspects of the business around a single point of communication.

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