DevOps Engineer

€75 - €80 Per Hour
29-09-2021 10:24 AM

For our client we are searching for a Software/DevOps engineer, for deployment of Security Manager application to Google Cloud Platform to be included in their delivery towards one of their end-clients.


Remote work is possible from Sweden or Finland

6 Months+

Start October 


Description of the Assignment

Main task is to analyze and execute Security Manager application deployment, test, and integration to Google Cloud. Developing automation is a large part of the effort. Existing test cases and deployment tooling can be utilized. It is also important that the security aspects of the deployment and hardening are taken in account.

Work includes the analysis, systemization, prototyping, development and verifying through test automation.


Deployment of Security Manager application to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

-       SM is container-based product supporting CNCF based k8s deployments.

-       Analyze and implement needed changes for SM to support GCP/GKE deployments.

-       Ensure that all the services and features of SM work in the GKE.


Extending current CI/CD to GCP/GKE

-       Build a delivery pipeline to GCP/GKE

-       Integrate current test automation tooling to GCP/GKE SM.

-       Analysis how to run SM in GCP/GKE and propose needed changes to product itself.

-       Build CI/CD for GCP/GKE utilizing the existing frameworks.

-       Analysis and implementations of necessary security controls and practices when running the product in GCP/GKE


Competence requirements

-       Solid programing experience, with proficiency in Python

-       Experience in GCP/GKE deployments and cloud migrations

-       Experience in building CI/CD pipelines for public cloud

-       Experience in Microservices design and development

-       Experience with Cloud development and deployment tools (Kubernetes, Docker, Vagrant, Ansible)

-       Solid understanding and experience what security considerations are needed for making successful cloud migration 

Please let me know if this is of interest? 

Sam Noble

Director & Owner

+44 203 865 7392