Sectors we cover

Here is the range of skills we cover

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - .NET/C#, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, C/C++, Scala, Javascript, html, CSS, Objective-C, Front End, Back End, Full stack, Web Development, Software Architect, Analyst, System Design, Project Management, Solution Architect, Software Test, Test Manager.

CLOUD - Cloud Specialists (Private, Hybrid and Public, IAAS, PAAS, Openshift, Google Cloud Engine, Amazon Web Services AWS, Bluemix, Azure, Openstack, Cloudstack, Vcloud, Mirantis, Terraform, etc.) - Disaster Recovery, Redundancy, High Availability, etc. Storage (EMC Storage, IBM Storage, HP storage, NetApp Storage, AWS, Cloud Storage) - Backup (EMC Networker, IBM TSM, Netbackup, Datadomain, Veritas, etc.) - EMC (VCE vBlock, Netapp (VCN flexpod) Vmware (vCenter, vSphere), Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Infrastructure Experts.

DEVOPS - Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, TDD, Powershell, Redshift, Ansible, Puppet, Jira, Git, Gerrit, Maven, DevOps, Software automation, Test Automation.

EMBEDDED SOFTWARE - LynxOS, VxWorks BeRTOS ThreadX Windows CE Linux OpenWrt, Yocto, DSP, ARM, Low Power, BLE, Wireless, Layer1,2,3, Embedded Software, Embedded Linux, DSP, Wireless Experts.

DATA - Big Data, Spark, Data Mining, Analytics, Blaze, Hadoop, Hive, Impala, Kafka, Matlab, Pig, Splunk, Spotfire, Algorithms, Data Management, BI, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Architect, Data Analysts.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Machine Learning, Deep learning, Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Image Analysis, VR, OpenCV, Caffe, Tensorflow, Torch, Theano, TOF, Vlfeat, Pylearn, Research Scientists, Computer Vision Experts.

WIRELESS - Wireless, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Sensors, 5G, LTE, 3GPP, IOT, Mod-Bus, WiFi, NFC, RFID.

SEMICONDUCTOR - ASIC, FPGA, RFIC, AMS, Verification, Validation, VHDL, Verilog, System Verilog, Specman, Analogue Mixed Signal, DFT, Layout, Physical Design, DSP