Ops can’t dev fast enough to keep up with DevOps
Businesses love to talk about survival of the fittest--just as in nature, the fittest businesses are the ones that survive and grow. But what they often forget is that “fittest” doesn’t just mean biggest, most efficient, or most profitable....
Chips are down in China's battle for dominance
As of September 15, the US controls the sale of all electronic components containing American technology to Chinese telecom giant Huawei. For China, this setback in the battle raging around Integrated Circuits confirms the fears that led to their Made in China 2025 strategy.
More AI investment – but with what return?
Experts predict that more companies will be investing in AI in the post-pandemic economy. The burgeoning field promises to make businesses more efficient in the future, and many hope it can make up for efficiency lost due to downsizing and remote working.
10 hacks to get more out of Amazon Redshift
Whether you’re using Amazon Redshift to store data, move data, speed up your database environment, or run big data analytics, there are ten things you need to know to get the most out of it. Are you missing out on any of these secrets?
The Key to Businesses’ Post-COVID-19 Stability and Strategic Growth: Data Science
COVID-19 has disrupted fundamental business practices. With restrictions easing, and a return to a normality coming sooner rather than later, businesses are entering a stabilisation phase, before trying to get back to their pre-COVID-19 standards and working towards their strategic growth....
Artificial Intelligence and people analytics as a tool for employers
As many continue working from home, companies are adapting to the challenges of a remote workplace by relying on the predictive prowess of Artificial Intelligence and people analytics technology....
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