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How we work.

Step 01.

  • Assignment Brief Meeting to discuss technical & personal requirements
  • Agree process & timelines to ensure great candidate experience
    Talk tech to us, our Recruiters know their markets and can offer real industry insights

Step 02.

  • We Go to Market
  • Using a variety of sourcing tools of sourcing tools
  • Pre Screen & Qualify suitable candidates
  • Present shortlist to interview
    We save you time, typically our Client only needs to interview 2-4 candidates to successfully hire.

Step 03.

  • Interview Feedback
  • Clear, Open, Honest from both sides
  • Opportunity to raise positive points, concerns an unanswered questions
    This ensures a higher probability of success, crucial for a successful hiring strategy.

Step 04.

  • Offer & Aftercare
  • Our offer/acceptance is over 89% in the past 12 months. Talk to us on how we achieve this
  • Aftercare, we ensure to follow up before starting and after starting employment to find any concerns

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